What I’m still learning PT.1

  1. ME says:

    Hey Iris, I love seeing you evolve and allow God to use you. I was rooting for you the whole time on MAFS, because I knew that you being on there was much bigger than you. Your conviction to wait till marriage has inspired and encourage more women than you know! You are a strong, beautiful black woman. I love your style and your demeanor! I’m so glad you were on that show, you proved that it is okay to be classy, beautiful, honest and a mystery in a culture that is overly sexualized and fake. Continue to be you and allow God to be glorified in your life!

  2. Jess says:

    Love how you have framed your experience on MAFS. Nothing happens that isn’t supposed to – continue walking in your purpose ❤️

  3. GLYNIS Williams says:

    Sweetie. I applaud you for being unapologetically you. Regardless of the our ones, you learned and grew. He was too shallow anyway. God bless your journey and know that you inspire.

  4. Shannon says:

    Love this! I am excited to follow you on this journey of growth.

  5. Rhonda says:

    You’re a queen. I’ve been watching MAFS from day one. The is editing is trash. I quit through last season. I’m done with it.

    Keep risin’ and ridin’ for Jesus. and you will have your happily-ever-after.

  6. Bewindi says:

    Iris! I wish I could meet you and interview you for my podcast which is about all things Jesus, mental health and anything to be the best version because my audience would certainly also be blessed by you! I am blessed by you living in a non compromising way! I am soooo proud of you sis!
    – Love,

  7. Annette says:

    I am happy life is going good for you. Stay centered in Christ when the world distracts you. Stay confident in the word when truth evades you. Stay compassionate toward others when hate surrounds you. Stay connected to the church when people disappoint you. You all was a beautiful couple. My prayers if it’s God will that you all can communicate again.

  8. Tamik Davis says:

    It was refreshing to see someone stick to there morals and values in this day and age. We live in the times of being followers and going with the flow. You didn’t do that and can walk away with your head held high. Young girls need to see that it’s ok and nothing to be ashamed of and that they are the prize. Love to see that you know who & who’s you are. Keep believing and being unapologetically you.

  9. Tiffanie says:

    You were my favorite on MAFS I loved your honesty don’t let anyone dim your light continue to be that ray of sunshine God has a greater purpose for you Be Blessed ❤️

  10. Dontae Harris says:

    Iris , I personally believe that What God has for you , is for you. Most men would respect who you are and what your stand for. My prayer is God in his time will
    Send you the Boaz he has designed specially for you. You being the missing rib of him, when he puts his arm around you, you’ll fit. You’ll know then and the perfect will of God will be fur filled in your life. Be blessed

  11. Cherry says:

    You have certainly inspired us women to remember that our bodies are the temple of God. Happiness can only be found in living for Christ. He promised he has a plan for us not to harm but to give hope and a future. Stay blessed.

  12. Aya says:

    I loved you on MAFS, I hate how they made being a virgin most of ur identity. Was that serious. And I appreciate you for being the queen you are the whole show. You stayed real and that was clear. Love to see you doing wonderfully and blessed.

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