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Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Iris jump-started her career in fashion and moved to NYC. There Iris obtained two out of three of her degrees and found her true love for mentoring.

Throughout her career, Iris has had internships with companies like Donna Karen International, NBA Brooklyn Nets, NBA Charlotte Hornets but it all led her back to her passion of helping youth and preparing them for their futures.

While in school at Queens University for her master's in Communication Iris had her first job with Girl Scouts Hornet’s Nest Council. There she was able to hone in on mentoring and non-profit work. Now Iris is a middle school success coordinator for a non-profit and is helping the youth of today find their passion and purpose within themselves.

I want to empower every person who thought they weren't enough. To encourage people around the world to be their true authentic self without remorse. To be a reminder that no matter what happens to you in life, get back up, stand strong and walk the walk. 

my mission

This has been huge for me in times where I have to dig deep and take a second to breathe and remember perseverance keeps you going, prayer keeps you focused and faith keeps you motivated. #momKnowsBest. I am so grateful to have her as my mom and she deserves the world. Thanks mommy for always being a blessing.

My mother has given me some of the best advice I could receive. One being,

“Keep pushing even when things seem too hard or too tough. Perseverance, Prayer, and Faith will always keep you going.”


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From Mercedes Benz fashion week to motion pictures studio’s Iris has been modeling for 10+ years. Walking the runway alongside top models and music moguls such as Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross on BET Rip The Runway to modeling for season winners of Project Runway. Iris has been a part of campaigns for brands like Lancome Cosmetics and Allure Magazine. Covers of magazines and brand sponsorships are just more added to the list. Seen in TV commercials and ad’s Iris prides herself with her outstanding work ethic and wants to pass along what the industry has to offer.

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